Working with Ansible loop

Ansible loop provides a lot of methods to repeat certain tasks until a condition is met. A basic example which can be used to install a lot of Linux packages can be written like the below example. – name: Ansible Loop example apt: name: “{{ item }}” state: present with_items: – python3 – ca-certificates – […]

Ansible Ad hoc command examples

Ansible adhoc command is an easy way to understand the basics of Ansible. They are useful when you want to run simple tasks like rebooting all servers, changing the permission of a particular file in multiple systems etc. You don’t have to create a file for running an Adhoc command.You can run a basic Ansible AdHoc command as […]

Working with Linux services using Ansible Systemd and Service modules

Init process in Linux is the first process to start on boot, and it tracks all the system services and Daemons. Various Linux Distros have created different implementations of the standard init systems. Currently, the most popular init system adopted by various Linux distros is systemd. In Ansible, the systemd processes can be controlled by systemd […]

Ansible Tutorial

Throughout this course, I will be explaining the things I Learned about Ansible, issues faced, how I solved them, working with some standard modules, etc. Please feel free to comment on any issues. This tutorial is in a growing phase. I will update the list as I encounter more modules and issues. INDEX What is […]